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Listen to new real estate radio show ‘Let’s Talk Real Talk’ with Host, Marty Halfon of Halfon Properties Group

Marty is a long time resident of Beverly Hills and has an expertise in buying & selling apartment buildings and residential homes in the Beverly Hills area for over 20 years.

Through Let’s Talk Real Talk real estate radio show he helps answer the tough questions about home buying and selling with knowledge of the market’s current state. Listeners get the real information they’re searching for on real estate with Let’s Talk Real Talk. This news medium delivers solutions to common questions in buying, selling and investment real estate.

As an expert in the area of real estate marketplace Marty’s interest connects him to his followers as an authority on the intricacies of real estate negotiating and facts. Marty receives consistent questions on topics such as ” Why isn’t my home selling?” or “How do we find the right financing once we’ve found the home for us? We’re first-time home buyers.”

Marty answers these question through his podcast invited guest to the show that help him to simplify common & complex questions that are beneficial to his callers. This real estate radio show shows off. Marty’s talents as a visionary for home staging for selling purposes and a skilled negotiator when it comes to buying homes. Having lived in Beverly Hills most of his life Marty has learned the Beverly Hills market and is confident when helping sellers that he will get top dollar for their homes that he even guarantees it as apart of his listing process.

Buyers also confine in Marty’s knowledge of real estate proving that he will help his clients find the best home suited to their personal needs. Finding his clients the best value possible is always his goal and that is why so many of his friends and family not to mention listeners rely on Marty to get the job done right!

Visit Marty’s Podcast via Soundcloud to listen and download more Let’s Talk Real Talk real estate radio shows!

Eye Appeal: Marty Interviews Dan Dailey, An American Visual Artist

Marty Halfon, host of Let’s Talk Real Talk, interviews Dan Dailey, a visual artist. Dailey, native of Philadelphia, talks about his art forms and the his interest in the material glass and learning to work with it. His art form is considered free and open and enjoys working on various projects. Designing is a love that excites Dailey, the interactions with others ideas guilds him to create amazing art.

Functional art and the inspiration behind his pieces continue to expand his portfolio as an art that range for residential items for clients to have a piece in the Rainbow Room of NYC of Rockefeller Center. We learn about the artist behind the art!

Happy Father’s Day: From #LTRT’s Host Marty Halfon

Let’s Talk Real Talk’s Host Marty Halfon talks Father’s Day with his sister, Lianne Halfon and longtime friend of the family Randy Lapin.

Bank of America SVP, Franco Terango Shares His Insight

Marty Halfon talks with the SVP Divisional Sales Executive of Bank of America in Southwest Division of the California market, Mr. Franco Terango.

Mr. Terango gives our listeners an inside view of the banking world: a huge help to homeowners and new home buyers.

Breaking in the Real Estate Market: Marty Halfon interviews Beverly Hills Realtor Rubin Makhani

Marty Halfon interviews Rubin Makhani of Realtor of Beverly Hills, CA about what challenges come along with breaking into the real estate market.

Makhani talks about how a self-starter attitude jumpstarted his career. Shadowing other veterans through learning the ins and out of becoming a seasoned agent has taught him a lot.

Safety and Security Issue: Marty Halfon interviews Bill Rigdon, Expert Panic Room Builder

Bill Rigdon builds panic rooms to protect your family & help protect your assets.
The unfortunate turn of violence has affected the world’s economy and it’s creating an unsafe environment for our families.

Marty and Bill discuss what this means for the economy’s future and what type of advice Mr. Rigdon has for your safety.

LA’s Let’s Talk Real Talk: Week in Review with Marty Halfon, With CenTek Capital’s CEO Gloria Shulman

We talked with Gloria Shulman, CEO of CenTek Capital Group about the finance and real estate market. CenTek, a licensed mortgage brokerage located in Beverly Hills, California helps borrowers. Marty touches on many topics such as stock market, standards of credit for purchasing a home and also structured rates.