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Think of Selling?? Beverly Hills Homes for Sale


Are You Thinking of Selling?
We have a number of buyers that we’ve met that are looking to move into this neighborhood.

Please give me a call as I can give you some insight to your home’s value in today’s crazy marketplace.

Let me share with you how I can help you make this transition and even possibly transfer your old tax bases

to your new home. Give me a call today! 


Buyers are looking in your area and they’re looking to move in prime real estate in the

Los Angeles area. There are over 35,000 foreign buyers that purchase real estate in the United States and a huge portion of them have they’re eye

on the LA marketplace. Beverly Hills homes make up a good portion of the buyers looking to buy your home.


Selling a home is a big project that takes the expertise of a top realtor like myself to get the job done.

My method of marketing can’t be compared to any other realtors in Beverly Hills market! I look

for qualified buyers within his close circle of network contacts and targets a group of buyers that are looking to

buy homes similar to yours. I not only attracts the most qualifies buyers to your home  locally and nationally but

globally as well.  International buyers play a major  key in the real estate marketplace.


Contact Marty Halfon today to discuss selling your home!