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Pershing square will bring about a evolved new sense of energy revolved around community connectivity and diversity. Combining a mix of culture around the ever-changing pulse of Downtown Los Angles. Pershing square will create a space for events like film screens, yoga sessions, parties and midday walk will all be encouraged for the community to take part in. Pershing Square will offer a comfortable and refreshing space for the the culture of Downtown Los Angeles. The iconic Downtown LA is becoming anew, favorable hang out for all different people to enjoy. This addition of Pershing Square will standout and amaze people that are visiting and those that live around the community. The recent development of public transportation in Los Angeles is happening fast and the Pershing Square is adding to the designation of more accessibility, green space and reconnection to nature.

An open and public space for Pershing Square culture, economic and eco points of view this surface will allow pedestrians to walk across with ease and bring back place to relax in the heart of the city. Pershing Square will allow a new sense of spontaneous gatherings, picnics and even a creation of a smart canopy with its clod of lighting aspects that will attract and add to the element of nightlife. The Pershing Square will also have ease of access to transportation allowing pedestrians to access the mobility hub.

The Biltmore hotel will once again have a front garden, downtown will have more nature. Pershing Square will allowing nature back into the city introducing a vibrant and eco friendly environment.

Pershing Square Renew, Inc is a non-profit collaboration between government, community, and business leaders in Downtown LA, all dedicated to supporting and facilitating Pershing Square’s revitalization. We want to make sure that Pershing Square is an authentic reflection of Downtown LA’s thriving renaissance by creating a world-class public space for those who live in, work in, visit, and love DTLA.

Pershing Square is a public park in downtown Los Angeles, California, one square block in size, bounded by 5th Street to the north, 6th Street to the south, Hill Street to the east, and Olive Street to the west.

Address: 532 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Pershing Square