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Marty Halfon talks San Diego with Colleen Hensley

Aired 2/15/2015 DAY AFTER VALENTINES DAY…Just in case you missed my segment on 980 The Beast..I’ll be posting audio here and on my social platforms!!!

You can always reach me at marty@rodeore.com

or by phone directly 310 432 7224

Halfon Properties Group: Let’s talk about the San Diego market and buy properties with Guest Speaker Colleen Hensley. Key components like:

Home Prices

  • How to get in the marketplace?
  • Home transactions in LA.
  • Offers skyrocket in Beverly Hills, CA

San Diego Marketplace?

  • Believes on investing & opportunities in San Diego
  • Affordability and downsizing and the aspect of moving to that area.
  • Carlsbad Area, hear from Colleen Hensley, a former Supersonic Jet pilot in the Air Force, as well a luxury realtor in the San Diego Marketplace.

This blog provides help for homeowners, buyers and sellers in the market. Discussions will be about my market in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Little Holmby areas in Los Angeles. (Golden Triangle)

We will also be inviting guests to speak about topics ranging from real estate news, interior design idea, lifestyle etc*